'Packing Automation'

Human Error Zero Subproduct Shipment

Inline Tray Auto Packing System

Inline Tray Auto Packing System

Full Automated Inline Tray Packing System that packs Trays through a series of processes such as Tray Split, Vision Inspection,

Tray/MBB/Box Label Attachment, PP Banding, MBB Vacuum Packing with End cap/Desiccant/HIC, Box Packing with Bubble Sheet

  • Applicable to various JEDEC Tray by auto conversion
  • Possible to use Printed Label OCV Inspection
  • Help to save personnel expenses, increase productivity and improve packing quality
  • Applicable to OHT for Material Handling System
  • Customized by Customer Packing procedure and Box Folding Type
  • Composition : Tray Loading Conveyor, Tray Split, Cover/Apron Tray Loading with stacker,
  • Vision Inspection(Mixed device, Quantity, Tray Lifting, HIC/Desiccant Presence),
  • Label Printing/Loading, End cap Loading, PP Banding, HIC Loading, Desiccant Loading,
  • MBB Loading, MBB Sealing, MBB Folding Bubble sheet Loading,
  • Box Folding, Box Packing, Seal Sticker Attachment, Box Unloading