'Powerful Vision Inspection'

Apply Deep Learning Algorithm

Human Error Auto Detection

Human Error Auto Detect System

At Semiconductor Module Packing Process, Vision inspection and Sorting System that prevent the mistake and quality accident

by human works such as module insertion into tray, module label attachment, etc.

  • Applicable to Semiconductor Module
  • OCV Vision Inspection on Tray Cap Label
  • Direct 1D/2D Barcode Scan on module in tray
  • Separation & Assembly Function on Tray & Cap
  • Desiccant & Pink Foam Insertion Function with position check by Vision
  • Composition : Module Tray Loading, Module Tray Loading Buffer, OCV Vision,
  • Separation PnP, Human Error Inspection, Reject Port, Desiccant/Pink Foam Insertion,
  • Assembly PnP, Module Tray Unloading Buffer, Module Tray Unloading